"Confort" rooms (red mark) in University buildings located 500m away from the meeting location (blue mark) are available for the duration of the event for both students or non students.

For those interested send an email with the subject  "Accomodations in University Building" to so we can have a list to book the rooms. Please indicate whether you are student or non student.

Payment for the university lodging should be made by visiting the website


Lodging adress (see map below):

Résidence Universitaire de Beaulieu

31 avenue du Professeur Charles Foulon Batiment D 35700 RENNES

Tél : 02 99 87 40 70

The residence is located just behind the university restaurant " L'ETOILE"


Check-in is possible from 7h00 to 22h00

If arriving later than 22h00 please call the "night watch" 02 99 87 40 70


You will have breakfast available on the campus from 7H00 bldg 27 (see map below)

Please note that breakfast is NOT included in the university lodging fees.




BUS1 STOP at  Arrêt Donzelot


Bus C4   : Arrêt Restaurant Universitaire



Deadline for booking a room was 31st May 2017.


3 nights packages (27-28-29/06) :

- 60 € (student)

- 75 € (non student)

Bedlinens and towels are provided.

Parking spot are available. 

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Alternatively accomodations can be booked  through the Rennes tourist office.


Author: Ayush Bhandari CC BY-SA 3.0


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